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codfish 'manteccato of roxchef

Cormons Collio Ribolla Gialla 1.5

Raffinato, secco, asciutto, salato, d'un paglierino scarico, ricco di acidità, ma equilibrato.


history-ancient recipe ... on behalf of the doge doge, the Venetian nobleman Pietro Querini share in 1432, with a galleon loaded with goods to be exchanged in the markets of the East, was the first city clay and then cross the Strait of Gibraltar, but the height of France were driven by a storm, to the ocean broke the main shaft, decided to save his life falling two boats with 60 crew .... but if it saved only 13nel quet in January 1433 so after 6 months at sea crashed against the island of the most rost 'largest of the Lofoten Islands off Norway in giiorni .. that followed many of the crew died of starvation devoured by Zacchi, some fishermen on the island the Venetians were accosero , and helped newly restored .. dali and gladly welcomed by the family "ragnas" from where it is named in honor of our saviors cod'.... Ragnos spider named ... ... querini the merchant was fascinated by the economy of these islands where they put the fish to dry on wooden sideways a particular fish of the cod family "gaudus murhoa" Dry as a stock selling fish stocking our current drive (which has nothing to do with that put in salt) .. the querini was immediately taken by such delicacy that I wear 'to Venice after the family will offer' ... the same six pieces querini reached San Marco called the Doge tell 'what happened and offer' two fish and the chef of the house of the Most Serene Doge contribute 'to the stage of making manteccatura then famous all over the world ... the noble offered on the boards as a guest of the doge and quality ...... it seems that this fact often the centers Counter-Reformation Council of Trent .. 90% of high-quality èprodotto 'is included in the Veneto


  • un baccala' murhoa l'originale
  • olio extravergine d'oliva leggero ottima qualita' ma poco profumato..
  • latte q/b
  • sale
  • pepe
  • 1 spicchio d'aglio


  1. 1 ... baccla put the 'in cold water for about three days .. depends on the dry enough for some 48 hours ...
  2. 2 ... change the water often
  3. 3 ... drain and try to plug fully preserving a part of the skin
  4. 4 .. we put in a pot covered with milk and water 50%
  5. 5 ... we get
  6. 6 ... add in the cooking water a clove of garlic
  7. 7 ... we also make certain to spice leaf laurel and lemon in my recipe, but there is no '
  8. 8 ... we bring to the boil and cook over moderate heat for about 45 minutes
  9. 9 ... now that our cod' and 'ready to put him in global or in a food processor with plastic blade mount and start alternating the cooking water with the oil must be mounted flush ... slowly alternating the various speed '
  10. 10 ... season with salt and pepper
  11. 11 ... we have to maintain a homogeneous compact with a glossy cream ..
  12. 12 the recommendation of the oil must be made according to the demand of the product are codfish 'more' lean and baccla 'more' fat ....
  13. The cod 'is a perfect accompaniment with:
  14. hot soft polenta
  15. with toasted polenta or bread
  16. boat with puff pastry
  17. Cheese sables with
  18. with the vol-au-vent

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  1. Che fame con tutte queste leccornie!!complimenti

  2. Bravissima Rossella,un bel piatto che sono certo adoro il baccalà...